The Tide

The Chicken

The World I See


Rubber Man




The Golden Sunrise


The Tide

Inside the phone lines
you can hear the tide
and while dreams are changing
long lives the sky

Now I hear that same old distress
in the way that you breathe air
don’t you know that these songs
are all for you, my dear?

Oh, if your mind
goes in and out with the tide
forgive and forget
forgiven, forget

Wonderful, freaky imagined eyes, oh yes

Don’t you know that love will carry you on?
Tonight we will fly to the sun
to the stars, and beyond

The Chicken

A pillow-soft life in a plain brown cage
The directions I’m supposed to aim
will lead me to a pile of broken wings
of the ones who bow and eat the grain

So tell me why you are insisting on running away?
‘Cause it feels so right, ’cause it feels so right
And why are your eyes always focused on miles away?
Because I have seen the coming attraction
And nothing around can cause you to consider a stay?
Not on your life, not in your lifetime
so say goodnight to the unmoved, the captive
the shrill and the house fed
the cockerel and demons of pace
I can move faster than a disaster!

Overwhelming, once caged
they fly above me
Holding the tickets of the hesitant
Ambition wrestled from the dark days

Well I’ve done no wrong but I’m willing to
with my sharp beak and my pointed view
My eyes can see the sun before the rise
and tomorrow looks better than tonight

So tell me why you are insisting on running away?
‘Cause it feels so right, ’cause it feels so right
And why are your eyes always focused on miles away?
Because I have seen the coming attraction
And why when you get somewhere you are never planning to stay?
Because the axe has legs of its own
And you’re aware of the bats and the predators
of starry eyed travelers
who think they can maintain their pace?
I can move faster than a disaster!

Oh yeah, and the chickens come to play
Overwhelming, once caged
And what you ate you are now running from
They scratch and peck upon ye!

The World I See

Constellations tore my face in
light poured in with oxygen and
whispered one word: ‘Elevation’
Like a kiss from Mt. Olympus I was free

Tell me, what are the things you can see through?

Saw your face in a raisin
Saw your dreams in the breeze
Saw your thoughts in the shade and
wondered could this ever happen to me?

Why are you always feeling so see-through?

We’re just cosmic dust floating spatially
through the stars above in the world I see
Take the universe and throw it on me
I feel like taking a bath in my own energy

The more I want one, I feel that there is a God
The more I toss and turn, the more that I am sure
that there is movement here as the planet turns
and as we enjoy life we are becoming pure

This is the renaissance of the renaissance of the renaissance


Her reaction to the combining
of her life and her new memories was run away
The reaction released some energy
and a prediction of the world ending so run away

Take a photo, catch the moment
Forget the moment in that instant passes by
She’s unstable in her persistence
to exist in what she’s seeing now, today

If you choose to follow breeze
down the current there will be
crescendo in the melody
reaction in the chemistry

I’m connected to the ground
however when I look around
those that are in different times
seem to be floating behind, as the earth moves

Rubber Man

I thought I was in the clear but here comes Rubber Man
I thought it was a new year but here comes Rubber Man
We need to call in the fleet to deal with Rubber Man
Can’t even walk down the street because of Rubber Man
All circles becoming square because of Rubber Man
I put on all of my flair because of Rubber Man
When everybody comes to stare it’s to see Rubber Man
So just pull up a chair, ’cause here comes Rubber Man
Held a roast of my ghost thanks to Rubber Man
Thought it was just a hoax but it was Rubber Man
My girlfriend left me a note mentioning Rubber Man
Not even an ocean will float thanks to Rubber Man


She asked him why his eyes were open
he was making sure her eyes were closed
With the question of love in their future
they moved forward and pushed through the snow

But when moments cemented the answers
into torn-apart, tear-stained pillows
To those lonely and underpaid actors
indecision had broken unknowns

Decide or stay the same

For the sun and the eating of sunshine and stars
a scrambled-egg future; a worn, weathered smile
the beautiful notion of radiant danger
is the burden of infinite possible lives

He asked her why her eyes weren’t open
she was making sure his never closed
While she could delight in a rainstorm
his mind only saw tornados

Aging’s a whimpering action
See the blue men who curse at the sky
feeling midlife distress of a passion
The cessation of trying to fly

Decide or stay the same
Put love inside or stay the same

Reel me back in to the things that I knew
I should remember way back in my early life
Create a short poem to remember faster
surround the contenders move in and decide


When I touch you, your skin melts into mine
It pours into me like mercury
Orange halo, you torrential sky
does it have to take my life for you just to stay tonight?

with all of your precious saliva and tasty dreams
I want to feel sticky
I want to feel baited
I want to move swiftly towards the cliff’s edge

If we let go, we’ll be smashed along the earth
We’ll tumble and break, it would be a mistake
But I want to be fearless, and not a grasping thread
and float along by half a thousand meters high

Let me please
show up to the judgement will all of my faculties
I’ve been a creator
with sympathy on my lips
Please let me pass through without looking at my sins

Inside we could be folding blankets of the ocean
while superimposing our raw lives exposing
onto a bristling vessel of symmetry
but the gingivitis feels so good on my teeth


Seeking modern life without a care
she will go down into the lens of a romance of a shadow
where she works all day, all night
so that tomorrow comes along

There’s a cornerstone holding a place
where the echo of my footsteps were heard long ago
where she spoke into my eyes
and kissed the merchant of my soul

With her rose-colored hair
she goes anywhere she wishes
And that come-hither stare
conquers me

She faces east and she works all day, all night
The sounds of human screams as she works all day, all night

When the state divines it is the time
to go on down into a trance all of her own
she works all day, all night
keeping her followers in breathless tow

Some try to understand
others just glance and then pretend that they know
that when she breathes her air
it is the morning sky that gleams as it is gifted of the sight

Of her rose-colored hair
and a notion of a girl
who could redact all their cares
with a come-hither stare

With a tomahawk she cleaves into the night
leaving an endless trail of headless freaks behind

The Golden Sunrise

I have penny bread
it’s very close to me
The more the sun rises
the more I am hungry

Today, the night
yesterday, the evening
I have been here all day
are you staying or leaving?

And how will we decide
our strategic feelings?
Is there room for the sky
where I am dreaming?

Hold on, sunrise
Golden sunrise

Washed upon the world is time
and it’s what creates the end


Face forward and speak into the raging sea
It’s easy when no one can hear you
when the ocean is turbulent

Hold on to me and I will be all that you need
My voice was created to sing you
into my arms again

Without a whisper of doubt
in your mind about anything
spread our your fate and reach out
to the love you’ve been forgetting

Witness a scene of endless reaches of gleam
reflective beaches of motion – but notice

Nobody knows anything
Restrictions are relative
Nobody knows anything
Of this I am positive

Face forward and speak into the rain
We all know nobody knows anything
so don’t be so hesitant

to throw me onto your sea
of weakness, desire and dreams
and I will be there to assist you
and to show you the moves ahead